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Self-care. It’s a term that gets a lot of buzz, especially over the stress of the last year. But it's always a good time for self-care, especially when you have extra stressors and responsibilities. Self-care doesn't have to be time consuming. Massages might be a luxury, but everyday self-care is attainable. Here at The Shea Shop, we take this ritual seriously and consider the indulgence in our products to have a broad spectrum of self-nurturing effects.

Though our products are intended for skin and hair, the depth of nourishment you’ll get from our Nilotica Shea is more than just skin deep.

Here’s a few ways our products promote your overall well-being:

Peace of Mind:

We are proud to offer products that are ethically sourced so you never have to worry about the quality of our shea butters and oils. We work closely with the Ugandan communities where we source our Nilotica Shea to ensure sustainability protecting the shea nut trees. Our work extends into policy, advocacy, and education for the local women, providing fair wages and empowerment education programs. 

Choosing products that are good for you, good for others, and good for the environment in which they are cultivated is important to you. At The Shea Shop, we are committed to giving you peace of mind about the holistic good you support through your purchases. 

Love Your Skin:

There is no better way to pamper yourself than with a long rubdown using our Nilotica Shea Butters or Oils. Especially as we emerge from dry winter weather, take some time every day to slow down, focus on the ritual of massaging your muscles, pay attention to those areas that need a little more TLC. Cracked heels and dry elbows, we’re talking about you ;) because our Nilotica Shea, naturally rich in Vitamins A, E, and F, is naturally able to revitalize and protect weary skin.

And remember hydration begins within so be sure you’re drinking enough water on the regular. You can even fancy it up with ingredients that compliment your Shea Shop butter of choice! A slice of lemon, lime, or orange if you’re rubbing on our Indulgent Vanilla & Orange or muddled mint leaves when you need the pick-me-up of peppermint in our Mint Cacao butter.

Move Your Body:

Exercise in all forms is a surefire way to reset your energy and check back in with your body. Prioritizing physical activity in your daily or weekly schedule is important for your health and mental wellbeing. And after you’ve pushed yourself and meet your goals, there’s no better time for a shea butter massage!

The healing power of touch can relieve tension, muscle aches, and even provides a calming biochemical reaction of endorphin release which reduces stress hormones.  There’s no need for a spa massage either. Naturally anti-inflammatory shea butter combined with simple touch can ease muscle fatigue after a long workout.

Take a Deep Breath:

BREATHE! It sounds so simple. It’s a natural human process for life. And yet, we hold and constrict our breathing throughout the day. You can impact your nervous system and release your tension by simply taking a few deep breaths and focusing on what it feels like in your body when you breathe deeply and purposefully. Adding certain scents can engage different emotions too!

Citrus oils like orange, lemon, lime, and others found in our Vanilla & Orange Shea Butter uplift, cleanse, and even support immune system function. 

Lavender, Roman Chamomile, Ho Wood and Vetiver (found in our Serenity Shea Butter) reduce stress and anxiety while promoting feelings of calm. 

So breathe deeply when you use these products and enjoy the double benefits of healthy skin and peace of mind. 

Rest & Renew

Of course the cornerstone of self-care is a relaxing hot bath and adding shea oils to your water can add extra benefits for your body and mind. But there’s other ways to renew too! Engaging in hobbies like painting and cooking or curling up with a good book can all release feel-good endorphins. Connecting with your passions rejuvenates the mind and allows for a disconnect from the stress of the day. If you find it hard to make time for such activities in your day, try scheduling them in. Sometimes you have to carve out the time in your calendar to make sure there’s time for YOU.

Rest is also so important to your overall well-being. Be sure you’re checking in with yourself on the daily and maintaining a schedule that allows you to get the rest you need every night. 

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