Frequently Asked Questions

What is Shea butter?  

Shea butter a thick and rich butter extracted from the kernel of the Shea tree located throughout African Savannahs. It has been used for thousands of years as a skin and hair conditioner due to its superior healing, moisturizing, and revitalizing factors.

What is the difference between refined and unrefined Shea butter?
The African Fair Trade Society only carries 100% pure unrefined Shea butter. If Shea butter has been refined, it has been through one or more chemical processes, this leads it to lose its healing properties. It’s these healing properties, combined with the unparalleled moisturizing abilities that set Shea butter apart from everything else.  Please click here to learn more about Shea butter's benefits!

Why is Organic Certification so important at The Shea Shop?
At The Shea Shop we are committed to organic certification because we understand that it is the best way to let you know how serious we are about natural products as well as the purity and integrity of the products.

Because The Shea Shop unrefined Shea Butter is Certified Organic, all regulations applicable to certified organic products were adhered to throughout the entire process of making  The Shea Shop products: production, processing, packaging, transport, and distribution.

The benefits of certified organic products and processes include the following:

    Independent third-party guarantee of quality and purity of ingredients
    Potent plant extracts that are free from pesticides and are safe
    Sustainable agriculture that respects, supports, and nurtures the complete ecosystem of Earth
    Authenticity of  natural and organic product claims
    Prevention of damage to the environment by synthetic chemical

What other ingredients besides 100% Pure Certified Organic Shea Butter-Unrefined are used?

High quality natural plant-based ingredients are in each product. The Shea Shop strives to bring to you the best Certified Organic Shea Butter-Unrefined products infused with active botanical extracts and certified organic or ethically wild crafted ingredients for safe and effective skincare. Our ingredient philosophy involves:

. NO Petroleum By-Products (i.e. mineral oil, propylene glycol, etc.)
. NO Artificial Fragrances
. NO Artificial Colors
. NO Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulfates
. NO Parabens
. NO Formaldehydes or Urea
. NO Animal Testing
. NO Synthetic Chemicals

Is your Shea butter fairly traded?
Yes, it is fairly traded which means that the producers of our 100 % Pure Certified Organic Shea Butter-Unrefined receive fair wages and good employment opportunities.

Are your products cruelty free?
Our products have never been tested on animals nor do we work with any companies or suppliers who do.

Are your products suitable for vegetarians and vegans?
All The Shea Shop products are suitable for vegetarians because it is  from 100% pure natural Shea Butter nuts.

Are your products suitable for those with sensitive skin?   What about oily and combination skin?

The Shea Shop's products are very suitable for sensitive skin. Again, only the purest and finest Certified Organic ingredients are used in this therapeutic treatment-based skincare system. Everyone is encouraged to read each product ingredient listing very carefully before using. You will be pleased at the high level of purity you will find.

Everyone needs to moisturize their skin daily regardless if their skin is oily or combination. Since 100% Pure Unrefined Certified Organic Shea Butter is noted to be the best emollient and moisturizer available, it can be used on these skin types in addition to dry skin types. For oily and combination skin types, always start with a very small amount (about half the size of a dime).

How does  Shea Butter “heal” my skin?
Shea Butter has a very high “healing fraction”, up to 12% of the butter’s make-up (more than any other type of seed oil). These amazing healing properties have shown great success in treating various skin problems such as wrinkles, blemishes, skin allergies, eczema, and other skin conditions. Shea Butter can be used when treating minor cuts, scrapes, and soothing sunburns. Shea butter also has the ability to reduce inflammation, which makes Shea butter the premiere product to speed the healing of skin that has undergone cosmetic surgery or tattooing.

How does Shea Butter protect my skin?
Shea Butter has a naturally occurring latex that places an “active seal” on your skin. The moisture of your skin is sealed in while the Shea butter protects your skin from outside environmental factors, such as dirt and pollution. Your skin is nourished, moisturized and protected throughout the day.
Shea Butter also provides light protection from the sun, and works with your sunscreen, by moisturizing and protecting your skin from absorbing the sunscreen. We highly recommend you always take precautions when out in the sun for an extended time.

I have sensitive skin, and I’m prone to breaking out. Will Shea butter help me?
Shea butter closely resembles the oils your own skin manufactures to keep your skin nourished, elastic, and moisturized. There are no chemicals, preservatives, colorants, dyes, or perfumes in African Fair Trade unrefined Shea butter. We believe the common overuse of synthetic ingredients is partially why people develop skin sensitivities, especially those with a tendency to break out.

I have allergies. Is Shea Butter safe for me to use?
If you have a sensitivity or allergic reaction to latex, you may react to Shea butter. Although the quantities of latex in Shea butter are very small, this natural latex is responsible for the “sealing” property that Shea butter has, and which protects your skin from external environment factors.

I’m pregnant, and I’ve heard that Shea butter helps to prevent stretch marks. Is this true?
Shea Butter is the best moisturizer you can use all over your body while you’re pregnant. It moisturizes your skin, soothes “tummy itch” and protects the elasticity of your skin, so it is able to stretch as much as necessary, with minimal scarring.

Can I use Shea Butter on my newborn baby?
Yes!!! Shea Butter nourishes and protects your baby’s delicate skin like nothing else available. Use it to protect your baby’s bottom from diaper rash, or if your baby develops cradle cap, Shea butter is the only cream you will need to soothe and heal this condition. Also, your baby will love having daily Shea butter massages.

A good quality, fresh, pure and non refined Shea butter can be preserved for an average duration of 1.5 years to 2 years. Beyond this duration, we consider that the reconstructive properties of the butter are lost.
Just like any other vegetable fat, non refined Shea butter can be preserved for several months without requiring the use of a cold chain processing.
The advantage of non refined Shea butter is that it contains a reconstructive asset ratio much more important than refined Shea butter.

However, since unrefined Shea butter is a natural and “living” material (which explains its effectiveness), the reconstructive assets disappear with time and use of the product. It is the law of nature. Nevertheless, one “simply” needs to discover a few Shea butter hand-craft production secrets and to master the dosages of non refined Shea butter with vegetable oil in order to preserve all its Reconstructive properties.

You would like to benefit from pure non refined Shea butter assets, but don’t have time to make homemade cosmetics?  

The Shea Shop has in their range of products 100% natural fresh Shea butter hand made guaranteed unrefined.

You are an adept of home made products but cannot find pure good quality non refined Shea butter?

The Shea Shop offers you the first 100% natural pure fresh Shea butter, guaranteed unrefined retaining it's natural qualities.

The non refined Shea butter supply is finally expanding in worldwide. Regardless of your supplying source, you will find below simple ways to preserve your pure non refined Shea butter and make the most of its wholesomeness.

1-      Make sure you are in possession of pure and fresh non refined Shea butter, produced the same year of usage (you will identify such butter thanks to
         its light and pleasant “nut” smell, its light yellow color, its melting texture while applying to the skin, and its swift penetration).

2-      Place your non refined Shea butter-based products or your pure non refined Shea butter inside a dry place, safe from the sunlight (temperature?).

3-      Whenever possible, use a wooden spatula to take a sample of your non refined Shea butter.

4-      Using your non refined Shea butter, make your own care products with vegetable oils and/or essential oils.

5-      If you add water to your mixture, use your homemade care products for a maximum duration of 30 days.

6-      Prefer the making of homemade products without the use of water, in order to extend their durability and to prevent adding conservatives.