Self Care Giveaway!

Self Care Giveaway!

Our selfcare giveaway is live now!

Self-care doesn’t have to be an elaborate event.

You don’t have to pile on stress planning the perfect day or making a big fuss. Simply being kind to yourself by allowing space, ease, and a calm moment just for you can reset your energy.

Selfcare CAN be an everyday indulgence.

At The Shea Shop, we believe in creating a daily ritual to be kind to yourself, take some deep breaths, and feel into your body. With our spring giveaway, we are encouraging you to reclaim everyday indulgence.

Women especially need and deserve more time for themselves. With International Women’s Day upon us, we are offering this giveaway as a reminder to #ChooseToChallenge the status quo Women as nurturers and caregivers, often put themselves last. But it’s not just women who are better off when taking their selfcare seriously. It’s whole communities and societies. It’s everyone.

Remember that it’s ok to take care of yourself.

It’s ok to prioritize your selfcare.

And it’s ok to indulge every day. Our giveaway package includes:

  • Travel sizes (2oz) of our Indulgent Vanilla & Orange and Decadent Mint Cacao Nilotica Shea Body Butters
  • Full sizes (6.5 oz) of our Indulgent Vanilla & Orange, Decadent Mint Cacao, and Tropical Awakening Nilotica Shea Body Butters
  • Tropical Awakening Nilotica Shea Bath and Body Oil

Enter your email below to win this Spring. The winner will be drawn on March 31st as we close out Women’s History Month.


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Relax & Be Kind to Yourself!

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