Introducing The Shea Shop: 100% East African Nilotica Shea for the Greater Good

Introducing The Shea Shop: 100% East African Nilotica Shea for the Greater Good

All about Nilotica Shea

Native to East Africa, the Nilotica Shea fruit grows in the wild and blooms each summer. Prized for its high olein content, making it easier to spread and get absorbed by the skin.


Nilotica Shea butter is traditionally cold-pressed without solvents, harsh chemicals, or intense heat. The high vitamin (A and E) and anti-oxidant quality is preserved.

The buttery texture of Nilotica Shea also heals. It protects skin from drying and deeply nourishes both skin and hair.

The Shea Shop

At The Shea Shop, we work with local communities to harvest shea nuts in a way that ensures this resource will be around a long, long time. We’ve also been involved in local policy, supporting protective regulations of this resource and keeping our Shea Nilotica thriving. Our Shea Nilotica nuts are wild-harvested, certified-organic, and produced by the very women displaced from their homes and livelihoods due to the civil war. 

The Shea Shop pays Nilotica Shea collectors a fair wage that is four times higher than the average salary in West Africa. The women study the preservation of the local environment and the drying and storage of Shea nuts. We also promote financial empowerment through education programs about saving and investing earnings. 

We have partnered with local and international organizations to provide essentials and other supports to rebuild and strengthen these East African communities.


Skincare for the Greater Good

By shopping with us, you become a part of this story too. Thank you for joining us in this mission!  We hope you enjoy our products and the true benefits of East African/Ugandan Nilotica Shea.



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